We Have Lift Off: How to Launch Your Next Goal

Do you know how much energy is needed for a rocket to leave the earth’s atmosphere?  Yea, I don’t know either, but I’m sure it’s a hell of a lot.

A few months back I saw a diagram that broke down the amount of energy used at each stage of a rocket’s launch.  It showed that the most energy was needed in the early stages to get the rocket off the ground.  However, once off the ground the amount of energy needed to propel the rocket into space was substantially less.

So why does that matter to you?  Well, I think the concept of needing a lot of energy to get started can be applied to many different goals we have in life.  If people begin a task with the understanding that it is going to take a massive amount of energy to get it off the ground I believe we’ll be more likely to accomplish our goals.

If you’re like me, then you’ve dieted in one form or another at some point during your life.  You also found out that it’s not easy, especially at the start.  I know when I start to diet I spend the entire first week thinking about all the food I can’t have and it takes an incredible amount of effort and energy to be able to get through that week.

After making it through the first few weeks you start to build new habits.  You no longer need to use willpower alone and it seems to get a bit easier because of these habits.

As you continue to build on your new eating habits you begin to feel healthier and more energized.  Cravings still exist at this point but they come along less frequently and are less intense.  You no longer need to use all your energy and focus to stay on track.  I understand it’s still not easy but you’re off the ground just like that rocket.

Again, when you have the understanding at the outset that it’s going to take a massive amount of energy and determination when you commit to a new goal you are more likely to accomplish that goal.  Whether it’s learning a new language or to ride a unicycle you can apply this concept to help you get through the tough times as you begin any new endeavor.

Another great example is running, which I’ve just committed to doing more of.  I’ve been trying to do more running these days and for me it still sucks.  I feel like every time I go out for a run it takes all the effort in the world.  I feel like I’m still just leaving the launch pad and fighting gravity for lift off.  However, I know that if I continue to consistently put in the time it will eventually be easier.

If you really have the desire to be good at something it’s going to take effort with most of it being put in on the front end.  As you acquire skills and build momentum it will become easier.

Let’s not forget, even though the process seems to get easier and you’re off the launch pad you still need to be diligent about your habits to ensure you stay on track. I find if you don’t continue to consistently put in effort you will fall out of orbit and it’s very easy to come crashing right back down to where you started – And this is where the astronautical terminology ends.

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